This gallery is designed to collect some of the images posted on our facebook pages so that non facebook users can see the fantastic range of subjects which have inspired people visiting Paddock Mound.

These gorgeous shots show that spring has arrived, or is just around the corner!

These scenes inspired me four years ago! on 10th December 2017. Please share if you have any more winter views or special memories, and enjoy some lovely walks on paddock mound at Christmas 2021 and through 2022. Liz

Happy Christmas from Ketley Paddock Mound

Each section is devoted to the photos from one contributor – new contributions are always welcome! Email lizyounguk@paddockmound to request adding more.

Close up, through Rob Davies’ viewfinder, a misty morning on Paddock Mound is full of beauty!

Stacy Louise has contributed masses of photos, but more importantly the content and text describing how important Paddock Mound has been during Covid lockdowns. She has created many beautifully painted stones with her daughter, and the sctivities related to them which have involved many people in the community. Kevin the snake is the centre of this, with other stones and occasionally teddybears etc for chikdren to find. Paddock Mound has been the site where she has taken part in the great butterfly count and birdwatch.

The quality of Rob Davies’ Photographs speak for themselves, we’re just really grateful that he also loves the opportunities to enjoy wildlife and skyscapes on Paddock Mound!

Mick Mccallum is such a regular visitor to Paddock Mound that he posts images from his morning walks almost every day, which gives us a brilliant record of changes through the seasons.

Mark Williams captured the heron – a regular visitor, and obviously a busy hunter from these shots.

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