Waymarker 3 The Round Pool

The Round Pool has recently been cleared – with funding from the EU, and managed by Telford & Wrekin – of the common reed (Phragmites) which had almost filled the pond.  This is now growing back, which makes a great habitat for the moorhen and ducks which you can often see here.  The Friends funding, through Ketley Parish Council, contributed to installing the new dipping platform.  The dipping platform and bench are made from recycled plastic, so we hope they will last for many years. You don’t need to walk far along Fen’s Way from the vehicle accessible Red Lees lane, to find the bench and dipping platform and enjoy the sun in this quiet spot.

We will now be trying to manage the spread of the reeds, so that they don’t fill the pond.  We are also planting flag iris and other plants which should thrive in the pool margins.

We have installed some bird boxes in the large trees to the south, along Red Lees Footpath. These and the trees to the bank behind the pool may be thinned to allow more light into the area.

A short way along the path in the opposite direction from the pond, are steep steps up to the right of the path – leading right up to the top of the mound where there are views across to the Wrekin and Welsh mountains.

You can get to the mound top without any steps by following the circular route either up Red Lees or by going further along Fen’s way and turning up the path beside Shepherds Lane.

There are maps of the site at each entrance. You can find out more about how to access the whole site here.

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