Fen’s Way

Our newest waymarker is very special, named in memory of Fen Tyler, whos tireless work in the 1960s and since – especially in the last ten years, made it possible to save the Paddock Mound site from development.

Fen was a great friend to all concerned with Paddock Mound, and to many local residents of Red Lake where he had lived for over fifty years. He passed away in May 2020, but will always be remembered – by the existence of our wonderful and treasured site, and, for those who never knew Fen, his name has now been given to the main path running through from Shepherds Lane by the paddocks to Red Lees by the round pool. The finger posts were made by Gerwyn Lewis, a good friend of Fen and Chris Tyler, who is well known for his woodwork skills. He is seen mixing the concrete to install one of the signs, with Pete. Other Friends are seen socially distancing in the lovely spring sunshine and Sally, one of Fen’s daughters is here with her mum, Chris.

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