Waymarker 4 The Glade

This area is called the glade – a quiet, secluded and sunny area, sometimes used as a forest schools site by The Meadows Primary School, who helped us to plant the willow screen – each spring we hope to weave the willow into tunnel shapes entering the seating area, though the willow grows at a very fast rate, so it’s a little challenging!  We hope the screen helps to keep dogs from messing in the area. During 2020 – 21, the glade has been a real focal point for people enjoying their visits to paddock mound. Some beautifully painted stones started forming a snake, which was given the name Kevin, at easter time 2020. Kevin has grown over the last couple of years, and many children have added, and sometimes adopted and treasured favourite stones here.  

We recently heard that this area used to be used for cricket games – the area is sheltered, and catches the sun through the middle of the day – it was also a favourite picnic area, beford becoming overgrown with bramble and nettle. Though patches of these remain to the side – a vital plant source for butterflies – the grass is cut or strimmed regularly, and looked after by Jason and Mark, so that everyone and everything enjoys the space too.

The tree covered banks at the back of the glade provide a great habitat for nesting birds, and the lovely single oak makes a great focal point for childrens’ games.

At the lower end of the glade, steep steps lead up to the meadow and views at the top of the mound.  From the other end of the glade you can walk up the paths, which are a more gentle climb to the same views.

The entrance to the glade is part way along the ancient track of Red Lees, shown on the oldest maps, dating from the 18C, and you can still see the stone abutments which once supported a waggon track carrying spoil from the local pits.

There are maps of the site at each entrance. You can find out more about how to access the whole site here.

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