Waymarker 6 The Top of the Mound

This way marker is near the highest point of Ketley Paddock Mound.  From here there are views over Wellington, The Wrekin and much further, over north Shropshire and the Welsh Hills.

In summer, these views are masked by growth from the trees growing on the sides of the mound, and we hope to take some of the larger trees down – to bring back the views and improve the lower habitat for wildlife. In fact, the hawthorne in the centre foreground of the first photo has now been removed for that reason.

On top of the mound itself, we are starting to establish a wildflower meadow. This entails collecting seed – particularly yellow rattle, which has begun to thrive here. This native wild flower helps to weaken the growth of stronger grasses which would inhibit other wild flowers. At the end of each summer flowering, the meadow grass is cut, and a new area scraped of grass – over this area we rake the soil and and spread the yellow rattle and other wild flower seed so to encourage the spread of new flowers within the grass.

There is a lower area where the grass is cut short so children can kick a ball, and families can picnic, with some picnic benches. This area is where, once upon a time, it really was possible to see for many miles at all times of the year, and where special celebrations took place with the community. We hope to celebrate again in future, and to gradually reinstate at least some more of the views.

You can access the whole site except the canal path, without steps, though for the fittest, there are two steep sets of steps from here to either the Glade, or the Round Pool.  You can access the canal from the entrance by the painted bus stop – just up the road from the car park by TACT. There are maps of the site at each entrance. You can find out more about how to access the whole site here.

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